Case Study

The 4 step process was implemented with a very successful result in this project: 

KITCHEN         BATHROOM          STUDY          DINING          TV ROOM          BATHROOM

Step 1 - Client Consultation
Step 2 - Design Concepts & Preliminary Drawings
Step 3 - Final Detailed Plans & Selections
Step 4 - Building Works / Construction

The result is a fresh design sympathetic to the Federation style residence. A relaxed atmoshpere allows the common space to be enjoyed by the whole family. 

During Construction

Completion -- Modern and Sophisticated
 Appliances hidden from view behind glass sliding glass splash back

                                                                                                                                    During Construction
Completion -- A section off the dining room and living room hidden behind an arrangement of sliding glass doors the study gives plenty of storage and desk space in a compact area.

Dining Area

During Construction

Completion --Extending the outdoor area to add an extra dimension to the clients dining enjoyment.

TV room
During Construction 
Completion.  A cosy TV room is brightened by powder blue splash inspired from the original stain glass windows

During Construction

The low window replaced by glass louvres - great for ventilation and privacy
The client decided not to incorporate a shower screen - the entire area created a wet room which is easy to clean and creates a more spacious feel.

Completion -- A small space incorporates shower, bath and substantial vanity with a fresh new look.