Step 1 - Client Consultation

Space Planning   -   Problem solving  -   Exchange of ideas   -   Advice & information

The first meeting is a brain storming exercise and is often the most important and exciting step in your project. This is where our Designer gathers information about how you live in your home/office/space and what areas/lifestyle aspects are important to you. A design concept develops from good space planning - every Designer must understand their client and how the space is to be used to design the perfect environment for you. The overall shape and designation of areas taking into consideration the activity centre, the flow between them and to other areas of the home, the light, the views in and out, the atmosphere and the furniture you need to fit in.  The purpose of an initial consultation and the course it takes varies with individual clients and how large the project is - the scope of work and the time needed is different for every project but an initial 2 hour consultation is a great place to get started.

The designer will initially spend time exchanging ideas, defining needs and assessing priorities.  The designer will always look at your project in the context of the whole house so general space planning including traffic flows and furniture placement is often a major consideration at this stage. Exploring options together - looking at the pros and cons of each one - what you don't like can be just as important as what you do like.  Sometimes we simply add our ideas to your own, and perhaps encourage you to consider parameters that you hadn't thought of. 

If a consultation is all you need and you wish to "take it from here" yourself you will be more confident, better informed and have a clear action plan.  If you would like to continue on with us, the next step is developing and refining the design concept and drawing preliminary plans.