Step 2 - Design Concepts & Preliminary Drawings

The amount of work and time involved at this stage depends on the size of the project and it is important to understand the value in spending time now ‘nutting’ out issues that may cost many extra dollars during the construction stage if not resolved in the design process. You will probably change your mind a few times during this process but will do so more informed and clear about your options creating a perfect solution for you and your family.

Your designer will source specifications, images, brochures relating to products and materials suggested or recommended for your project for you to make decisions upon.

Your designer will then draw up the area/s to scale with options and ideas which will give you a picture of how it will all look and work in order to work.

At this stage - if you have the time - it's a good idea to stop and ponder on the preliminary drawings for a while, to make sure you are happy or evaluate the options or any changes.

With the major space planning and problem solving done, you may feel this is all you need for the time being. Or you may feel confident to continue the process yourself and take your sketches into the market place for further design or quotations. We can advise you on the best way to proceed.


You may like to go to the next step in our process which is finalising the design and drawing detailed plans and elevations.