Step 3 - Final Detailed Plans & Selections

This stage of the project is where all has been considered and the preliminary drawings become detailed final plans and elevations with full dimensions for builders, joiners and estimators to estimate quantities and quote from. Final drawings allow for preferred appliances, cabinetry details and inclusions, benchtop selections etc. Once the space planning and basic design work is done – if you haven’t already done so – it is time to make the choices which will dress it up and give it its character and integrate into surrounding spaces.

You now have to make final decisions on appliances or fittings, materials, 
colours, finishes and cabinetry details. In our Design and Resource Studio, we can show you a wide variety of ideas, colours, samples, photographs, and magazines and can assist your decisions. At the same time, there may be many other decisions to make which are an integral part of the project: tiles, flooring, lighting, room colours and finishes, and maybe new furniture, carpets/rugs, and window treatments. Usually one thing tends to lead to another…and another..!

If you wish, we can research and source on your behalf, organize samples to be delivered or made up and arrange introductions and visits to suppliers. Sometimes it is very useful if we accompany you and some suppliers insist that we do. If needed we can refer you to other specialists including architects, designers, decorators, colour consultants and window, floor and lighting experts . We can liaise with them as necessary.

Plans can be given to your selected builder or we can help you through the quotation phase. If you choose to take it from here yourself there are a few things to consider.

Communication with builders and joiners is essential. The debriefing process is crucial to the success of your project - we will help you be sure you are being quoted on exactly the same product as specified. Be wary of the manufacturer who doesn't ask a lot of questions or explain exactly what the are quoting. Make sure their interpretations of your requirements match yours and that you understand any ramifications if changes are made.

Step 1 - Client Consultation
Step 2 - Design Concepts & Preliminary Drawings
Step 3 - Final Detailed Plans & Selections
Step 4 - Building Works / Construction