Amazing Maple Tree with LED Lighting 1.8 or 2.8 Meter Tall

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A stunning selection of life-sized illuminated trees inspired by the majestic trees of ancient Asia.

Immediately intriguing, and undeniably unique, the gorgeous Maple Tree with red autumn leaf has been designed to captivate, making it ideal for permanent home and outdoor garden displays, major events, special occasions, commercial design projects.

Tree is bolted to your existing concrete slab, deck or paved area - pebbles or planting can be featured around the tree after installation.  *Installation not Included*

2 Sizes Available  -  

Height:    1800mm        880 LEDs

Height:    2800mm        2120 LEDs  (2.5-2.7 diameter)

Warm White  or  Cool White LED


Australian Delivery Included (up to $100)


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