French Country Dragonfly Dinnerware

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Beautiful French Country Collection's Dragonfly Summer collection.  Choose 1 piece or choose a selection of items and email us for competitive package price.



Large Pitcher       Height:    290mm

Small Pitcher       Height:    220mm

Large Salad Bowl    Diameter:    370mm

Small Salad Bowl    Diameter:    320mm

Large Oval Platter   Width: 410mm      Length: 280mm

Small Oval Platter   Width: 230mm      Length: 350mm

Creamer/Milk Jug   Height: 100mm

Sugar & Creamer Set  Height:   120mm  &  85mm

Coffee Mug Height: 110mm Diameter: 95mm (set of 4)

Side Plate    Diameter:    210mm  (set of 4)

Lunch Plate   Diameter:    260mm (set of 4)

Dinner Plate   Diameter:    310mm (set of 4)

Cereal Bowl    Diameter: 180mm (set of 4)

Soup Bowl    Diameter:  230mm  (set of 4)

Salt Bowl    Diameter: 110mm   (set of 4)

Teacup & Saucer   H: 80mm  D: 140mm (set of 4)

Teapot    H: 155mm  L: 240mm  D:  140mm


Condiment - Set of 2 Bowls   

Extra Large Oval Platter:    L: 1340mm W: 51cm

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