Green Hues Embroidered Rectangle Cushion

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If Our Green Hues Embroidered Square Fern Cushion Appealed To The Senses, Then So Will It’S Rectangular Version. The Green Hues Embroidered Rectangle Cushion Features An Even More Intense Canopy Of Detail, The Fanned Effect Is Sublime. The Pairing Of Both Pieces Are A Must-Have Match For Bare Sofas And Couches.

35.56 X 50.8 X 13.97

Australian Delivery Included (up to $20)

MANUFACTURERS PRODUCT INFORMATION:  We provide hand picked, hand cut, hand built, hand finished furniture & accessories using traditional methods.  We don't make our furniture & accessories to a price,  we make furniture & accessories to a standard of product integrity, quality & finish.  Any irregularities are characteristics of its handcrafted origins & it is only natural that occasional deviation in colour as per photo/s, grain, texture & consistency occur.  It is even possible that some parts of the timber may open up in areas.  This is part of the originality of the timber, the distressed finish and the uniqueness of each piece.  
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